Mobile DATA Collection

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Mobile DATA Collection

Postby sherloxhome » Tue Aug 18, 2009 10:03 pm

MG, It's been years since Filemaker Mobile was 1st introduced, yet Developers are still missing the point of having a mobile device ... INPUT / INPUT / INPUT . Anyone can access a Parent database on some server somewhere using their cellphone ... what we need in the field is easy to use database entry fields ( radio buttons, drop down lists, check boxes, etc ) that allow field reps / inspectors, etc. to easily collect data & upload it to parent database. Typing is a hassle ... if there is not a canned comment , you should be able to use voice recognition to add special comments to text fields. Capturing forensic audio / visual evidence should be as easy as taking a pix & having it auto insert into the appropriate photo container field.
I STILL hear developers touting the advantages of accessing Parent data bases as primary advantage of using mobile devices ... most apprasiers, inspectors, Investigators, field personnel, etc need an easy input device / software.

It is also hard to impress upon hardware community that many of us WORK OUTDOORS !!

FGS, give us a screen we can see & input screens that make data collection easy !!! -RB

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