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iMy 1.1

Postby decay » Tue Sep 30, 2008 6:19 am


iMy 1.1 is complete, and is available at the iTunes App Store.

Here is a list of fixes and changes:

1. Support of backtick (`) for tables and fields with spaces in them.

2. Proper display of tables and fields in the picker view if they have spaces. When fields or tables with spaces are inserted using the 'Use Table' or 'Use Field' button, the backtick character automatically encloses the relation.

3. Support for multiple result sets. This means your stored procedures will work if they have multiple selects. Related to this the 'call' keyword has been added to the list of keywords.

4. If the database is empty, the program will no longer crash.

5. There is a reload button for updating table and field changes. Previously, if a table was added it would not show up in the list until you reconnected. This button will cause iMy to rescan the database and repopulate the tables and fields.

6. Tables and fields use a smaller font, so longer names will fit better.

7. More descriptive connection string indicating user, server, and database name.

Thanks for all the feedback and suggestions.

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