BRPTracker 3.1

BRPTracker 3.1 has been updated for iOS 8. Version 3 combines the interfaces from the first two versions to give two views of the Blue Ridge Parkway. The list view will work without a cell connection. It only requires GPS. The map view will show all landmarks available on the map. With version 3.1, you can get notifications of upcoming landmarks while the app is in the background.

BRPTracker is provided free of charge and without ads to all iOS users. If you use and appreciate the application, please donate to the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation here.

BRPTracker FAQ

1. Why must I set the direction manually?

The Blue Ridge Parkway is a very windy road, and while you are traveling south on the Parkway, you might actually be headed north, and then south, and then west. Your direction could be determined by the overlooks you pass, but in places, it is miles between overlooks, and could take quite a while to determine.

2. How close am I to an overlook when a notification comes in or when the overlook changes in the auto-follow mode?

The overlooks switch as soon as you cross the halfway point between two overlooks. Once again, this might seem counterproductive, as in some cases, if there are 4 miles between overlooks, you will get a message after just over 2 miles that there is an overlook coming up. Once again, this has to do with the twisty nature of the Parkway. GPS is done without regards for the actual road, in some cases you could be doubling back behind an overlook you just passed. By using the halfway point, it winds up being more accurate, if only slightly inconvenient.

3. Why can't I scroll in auto-follow mode?

Auto-follow mode is constantly updating your location to determine how close you are to the next overlook. So, the app is forcing the closest overlook to be visible on the device. To stop this behavior, turn off auto-follow, scroll where you need, and then turn it back on if you desire. Keep in mind that auto-follow will use up your battery much quicker.