Older Downloads

Here you can find older code and programs which are no longer being developed or supported. All software is released under a BSD license and in source code form.


TSuperList is a free open source component for Delphi 2.0 and C++ Builder 1.0 (it will work in later versions, just build a package) that incorporates better control over a standard TListbox control.

TSuperList incorporates a panel with a plus and minus button for addition to and deletion from a listbox. Input and editing is made through a built in InputBox, so it requires no coding to add, delete, or edit items in the listbox. The majority of the testing has been done in C++ Builder because that is the environment that I work in most. I wrote it in Delphi so that it reaches a greater number of people.

Download here.

QSuperList and QInputBox

QSuperList is a QFrame descendant that contains a QListBox and two QPushButtons. The operation of the two buttons controls input in and out of the QListBox. Great control can be exercised over entry and editing, including settings that maximum length of an item, or the maximum number of items. To add an entry, simply hit the + button. To subtract an entry, highlight it, and hit the - button. To edit an existing entry, double click on the listbox and that entry will come up for editing.

QInputBox attempts to mimic the InputBox function in Delphi/C++ Builder. While doing development of SambaLink/Q, I needed a simple way to grab a line of input from a user. Qt does not have this generic functionality.

Download here.


SambaLink/Q is a Qt based Samba configuration editor. It is extremely outdated, but still functional. It is compiled against Qt 3.

Download here.


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