BRPTracker 2.0

Spanware, in conjunction with the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation is proud to offer BRPTracker, a free application for the iPhone and iPod Touch that lets you track your progress and take pictures for a journey on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

BRPTracker currently lists most parking overlooks. More landmarks will be added in upcoming versions.


  • Take pictures inside BRPTracker, and they are saved to your photo library

  • Information on each landmark

  • Search for landmarks and display only those results on the map

  • Follow your current position along the Parkway and see how close you are to certain landmarks

BRPTracker is provided free of charge to all iOS users. If you use and appreciate the application, please donate to the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation here.

Landmark information is provided courtesy of
Virtual Blue Ridge.

Download the User's Guide for BRPTracker.