Updated with the 2011 Statute

FLHOA is a searchable and navigable copy of the Florida Homewoner’s Statute Chapter 720. Whether you are a lawyer, resident, or board member, 720 is one of the most important documents governing daily life for many Floridians.

FLHOA provides two views of the statute:
  • You can navigate through the sections.
  • You can search for and individual word or phrase. These words will show up in their respective sections highlighted in yellow. Clicking on the 'Next' button will advance through each instance of the word, with a pop up display letting you know how far along you are in the search.
  • You can copy and paste any part of the statute into the Clips section


The main search screen after searching for "street.”

From here, select a section and it will appear with "street" highlighted in yellow.

By selecting the Delete button from the top, all searches in the group will be removed. Removing individual search results is done by tapping the Edit button, selecting a row, and tapping the Delete button on the right side of the column to be deleted.


FLHOA provides a way to navigate the statute by part and section. Select the part from the main screen.

Once the part is selected, the sections will then slide into view.

And, once the section is selected, the text will slide into view.

FLHOA supports landscape mode throughout the program.