OilCan 2.1

OilCan is a Universal Binary Mac OS X PostgreSQL query tool.

Version 2.1 has new features

New Features:
  • Browser automatically refreshes after changes made in the query window.
  • A refresh button is available in the Database Browser for changes made outside of OilCan.
  • The status bar at the bottom now gives result information about non SELECT queries.
  • Double clicking in the Database Browser inserts the TABLE, VIEW, FUNCTION, or SEQUENCE name in the query window. Double clicking on a field will insert the field name in the query window.
  • Ability to drag items from the Database Browser to the query window.
  • Login information can be sorted by Name, Database, or Host.

  • All queries run in their own thread and are able to be cancelled
  • Multiple query windows with each query window getting its own connection.
  • Native Cocoa and PostgreSQL performance
  • Multiple queries in the query window.
  • Login information is saved for quick retrieval.
  • Impoved Database Browser (formerly the Schema Browser)
  • Changes to the Grid font are now instantaneous

Screenshot of the Main Window with multiple queries (click to enlarge)

Screenshot of the Database Browser

The new login screen:

OilCan can be downloaded here.

OilCan requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

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